About Us 


Here at our manufacturing facility, we fabricate and design your custom countertop. You can choose from our many sample boards available for viewing, or you can visit our suppliers and choose the perfect slab of marble or granite for your needs.
Raul & Lilliana are the proprietors of Millan Marble. Raul has over 20 years working with stone in the GTA.
Residing in Orangeville for over 20 years, they decided to start their own granite business serving Orangeville and the surrounding area.
There is a need for a local granite dealer and with Raul’s expertise in design and finishing, they will exceed your expectations.


Stone, Marble, & Quartz
Millan Marble & Granite has an extensive selection of natural stone, marble & quartz from which to choose. View our marble & stone gallery.

We have a complete line of under mount, stainless steel sinks to complement your new countertop. View our sink gallery.

Millan Marble has many different edge profiles to choose from and definitely one for your taste. Single profiles are included in your quote price, while double or ‘deluxe’ profiles are extra. The deluxe profiles require extra materials and workmanship. View our profile selection.

Maintenance & Care

You have made a wise decision selecting stone for your home interior. Only time can reinforce that stone is the most durable counter top surface you could possibly purchase. To enjoy maximum use of your Millan counter, please follow care instructions listed below.

  1. Wash with a light, ph balanced detergent or warm soapy water and AVOID acetone based soap-scum removers. DO NOT USE any abrasives or thick cream cleansing solutions – this will ruin the top protective layer.
  2. Avoid exposing your granite or marble to intense, direct heat. It is an extremely good practice to keep marble and granite surfaces dry. Wipe up spills as soon as possible and dry them after washing.
  3. Common stains such as red wine or mustard, should not remain on the counter for any length of time.
  4. Refrain from placing hot pots directly on the stone counter.
  5. Do not cut directly on the counter top – your knives may go dull and your counter will be scratched.
  6. We recommend re-sealing marble or granite at least once a year.


Millan Marble & Granite offers a repair service to all purchases of counter tops. This includes repair of any chips and/or scratches that may occur as well as rebutting the repaired area to restore the original appearance. The repair charge will vary depending upon the extent of the damage.